lightning-fast wordpress website with
new brand strategy for diet catering

Refreshing the brand and
making it more appealing

Through simple changes in the existing communication we have made the brand stronger and more noticeable in online

comfortable interface

we keep it
simple & useful

The biggest challenge in redesigning the service in a very growing and competitive industry was to make the project stand out from the competition but still readable and usable.

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Łukasz Pietrowski, Marketing Manager

„The cooperation was very smooth, we managed to change the brand to a more recognizable one, the elements are now more friendly and associate better with our product which is food - and as we all know it is a very important element in everyone’s life. In addition, the website, which has been completely redesigned, has given our users a much clearer picture of our offer and allows for price diversification depending on the delivery region and kilometres from our production centre.”

Łukasz Pietrowski, Marketing Manager

but simple

We focused on readability and clarity in a multitude of information and content with a very large amount of characters - minimalism and readability is something that was a key element for us in this implementation.


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