art direction & content design
for iconic polish footwear brand

Coherent and distinctive

Through the use of characteristic shapes and references to patterns that we have created for the collection - we were able to create an effective communication style which gave above-average reach results in both paid and organic channels.

Clarity and consistency

we helped Kubota
go public

We designed all promotional materials and infographics that were supposed to encourage investors to become the owners of the first-ever Kubota shares - the fundraising was successfully completed 3 days before the end of the first tranche.

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Alina Sztoch, COO & CMO

We’ve been working with letsgobold from the very beginning of the brand’s existence after our reactivation, they support us with a very broad range of graphic and communication support, both in social media and traditional channels.

Together we build a concept which is then transformed into aesthetic communication that is invariably important for our company, which not only operates in the fashion industry but is quite firmly inscribed in the hearts of all Poles.

Alina Sztoch, COO & CMO

Better positioning
of the products by design

In the 1990s, the Kubota brand was associated with something completely different to what the founders are currently aiming for, carefully crafted materials make the perception of flip-flops change towards lifestyle and more desirable products.


Brand management
Content creation
Art Direction