intuitive and user-friendly
eCommerce for craft coffee roasters

Consistency across digital
and traditional channels

We have created a new website which is to be the next step user experience in contact with the brand, referring directly to the design and colors of packaging.

We have opted for readable
and bright product elements

at every step

Both the stage before the purchase of a product as well as after moving to the summary is designed so that the user still feels that he is surrounded by elements directly related to the brand.

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Maciej Giermaziak, CEO

„Our previous website didn’t meet our needs - it was built on a template that didn’t meet our expectations and changing anything was basically impossible due to the astronomical costs. After implementing letsgobold, we noticed an astonishing difference in the loading speed of our shop and, perhaps most importantly, in the capabilities of our new product - which is tailored directly to our needs and to the challenges posed by our industry competitors.”

Maciej Giermaziak, CEO

and ease of use

All the steps at the shopping and checkout stages have been Designed with attention to every detail - which makes that users are close to the brand throughout the purchasing process.


Brand Lifting
Frontend Development