branded eCommerce for one of the most popular Polish musician

Simplicity and consistency
with the iconic KeyVisual

The idea for the shop came during a pandemic to keep fans of the musician close to their idol, the concert merchandise sold out practically within the first few hours of publication.

Focus on
proper product display

user experience

The shop was an extension of the existing website Thanks to appropriate procedures, the user does not feel that he or she is leaving the site and can return to the musician’s content at any time.

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Marek Morisson, Managing Partner Muzk

"As always letsgobold has been a great partner - despite the extremely tight deadline for implementation and the many levels of acceptance - including the artist himself, we were able to create a shop that met all our requirements and is still generating sales smoothly. A sales form tailored to our needs and the limitation of the number of pieces of a particular product for one user enable us to manage such products in the merchandise."

Marek Morisson, Managing Partner Muzk

Back to stock

If someone hasn’t managed to get hold of a product by their beloved artist They can safely subscribe to the list, which will send information about specific product in a size that interests the user.


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